Heavenly Escape


Going for massage at Heavenly Escape is one of the best things I do for myself. I always come away feeling relaxed, stress free, positive, and well-balanced. A top notch therapist and a great value! Karen
My visits to Christal every other week are like I died and went to heaven. I wish I could get one of her massages every other day instead of every other week! Carol
My lower back and knee's feel so much better after my massage, will have to get here more often to feel better longer. Dan
I do not consider getting a massage a 'once in a while treat'...it is preventive medicine!  I rely on my regular massages from Christal to help keep me healthy, keep me moving and keep my stress level way down!   Her work is greatly appreciated!  Sylvia
Christal gives such a good massage and you feel so relaxed, that the only muscles that want to move are those you use to smile. Jeff